August 15, 2016 lemonsqueeze


Watchbox will make you want to come to work… we’re serious.

“Watchbox is all about helping companies make their work more fun,” CEO Davíð Símonarson said. “Employees feel happier, more engaged, overall more productive, when they feel that they are part of the group.”

What began as a Snapchat-like app that allowed specific groups of people to share photos and videos in real-time, developed into what companies around the world are using to create a community, in and out of the office. By joining their company’s Watchbox group, employees are able to share photos and videos with their entire office. “These photos and videos can be viewed on specific Watchbox TVs, which can be found in communal areas of the office,” Davíð explained as an additional component to the app.

Although they spend much of their time traveling from Silicon Valley to NYC, the Watchbox team is proud of their Icelandic routes. “Iceland is a small country so everyone is willing to help each other out. If you need advice or mentorship, any help imaginable, you can always reach out and find it. That’s critical for startups,” Davíð continued.

Whether they are in Iceland, Silicon Valley, or NYC, Watchbox is an app to watch out for.


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