10 Hottest SaaS Startups: New York City

10 Hottest SaaS Startups: New York City
July 26, 2016 lemonsqueeze

Author: Maddie Gubernick

New York City isn’t just a hub for startups; it’s a hub for everything.

Unlike Silicon Valley, NYC doesn’t solely rely on the need for Steve Jobs lookalikes. It existed before the startup boom, and will continue to thrive in the way only NYC knows how.

NYC offers a unique social infrastructure that supports the startup community through co-working spaces, incubator and accelerator programs, meetup groups, workshops… get where we’re going with this?

This is why we’ve picked some of our favorite NYC startups to share with you! And of course they’re all SaaS tech startups, because that’s our sweet spot and it’s what we know best. Hope you love them as much as we do!


We all love apps. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… we couldn’t live without them. But now, thanks to Laserthread, they’re all in one place!

Laserthread is a mobile application that consolidates all of your social media accounts into one. Laserthread allows users to access one app, instead of checking on each account individually: simplifying, and revolutionizing, how we use social media.


Ever wish there was a Medium/Quora/LinkedIn for the workplace? Well, we’ve found it. Meet Honey: the centralized content platform for all things work related.

“As soon as a team starts to grow, natural communication begins to breakdown,” Alison Morris, Co-Founder of Honey explained. This is where Honey comes in. Honey allows teams across a large company to share resources, events and announcements.

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Wish you knew more about your customer? Wish they knew more about you? Check out besimpler.

besimpler is a data platform that allows users to engage with the people who love their company most: their customers. The SaaS solution aims to connect the user with their customer, through their innovative data model. 


Have a lot of data and don’t know what to do with it? Enter Doolli: the hub for all things data.  

Doolli is a cloud-based software that allows users to integrate, publish and share their data. This can be done across many disciplines, including: education, business, enterprise, and productivity. Users are able to create both public and private ecosystems to facilitate all of their data.


Company culture is important.   Let CultureIQ determine yours- and tell you why it matters.

“We have three main pillars: software, strategy and community,” Jamie Nichol of CultureIQ explained as the backbone of CultureIQ. Their software, which she defined as somewhat of a virtual toolbox, collects feedback from employees, turns the findings into actionable metrics, and communicates insights to stakeholders.

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Venue Book

Need help finding the perfect location for your next soirée? Look no further than Venue Book: the best kept secret of the event industry.

Venue Book is an online service that allows users to quickly search and book event locations based on availability, price and amenities. Users can take advantage of this service in New York City, Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco. Dropbox, Citi Bank and Deloitte are some of the many clients that have fallen in love with the simplicity of Venue Book.


Remember that time your boss asked you to go out on a coffee run but forgot to give you the company card? Download Abacus to make sure you get reimbursed- for real this time.  

Abacus is a SaaS platform that handles real-time expense reporting. After uploading a photo of the receipt to the Abacus’ software, it will be reviewed and reimbursed within two days through a direct deposit. This flexible and intelligent expense reporting system manages independent transactions, saving finance teams time, while spawning productivity.


Business travel is too expensive; thankfully we’ve found Rocketrip. By rewarding employees for savings on their trips, Rocketrip allows companies to reduce travel costs.

“Employees get a custom trip budget, and if they come in under, they keep half the savings, while the other half goes back to their company,” Charlie Schuab, from Rocketrip’s Marketing team explained.

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Vital Score

Stop googling your symptoms and start using Vital Score.

Vital Score is a digital health platform that allows for a more meaningful interaction between patients and healthcare providers, on an individual basis. Before visiting a physician, patients use the Vital Score platform to self-report behaviors and create a health profile, which can be used in tandem to create personalized self-care health goals.


It’s hard to be fashionable, but it’s even harder to be a retailer. Thanks to StyleSage, it just got easier.  

StyleSage is a digital platform that collects, analyzes and presents data to retailers in hopes of helping them grow their business. Their platform takes a real-time view of the marketplace, analyzes it as baseline data, and interprets it for the retailer. The ultimate goal of the platform is to continuously evaluate the retailer: comparing pre-season goals with post-season achievements.


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