The Lemonsqueeze Laundry List of Leading Clients

The Lemonsqueeze Laundry List of Leading Clients
May 24, 2016 lemonsqueeze

By Skyler H. Hathaway

Lemonsqueeze has become the guide to global market expansion. We’ve done this by creating the satisfaction to a need that has existed since the dawn of incorporation; the necessity to grow and expand to better and greater things. Many companies have tried to expand to new markets and failed simply because they could not break down the challenge to simple means. To be fair, market expansion is not the simplest task. It was Albert Einstein who said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” In order to expand and grow in a new market, a company needs to know exactly what goals to reach and how to accomplish these goals. It is not in a company’s nature to instinctively know how to reach a new market, but that is exactly what Lemonsqueeze is able to explain and accomplish, in a simple form, and for any industry.

Very similar to Albert Einstein and his contributions to modern science and physics, Lemonsqueeze has set the groundwork to market entrance, growth, and expansion and continues to innovate the process. Where Einstein was the father of modern science, relativity, and physics, Lemonsqueeze is the father of global market expansion. We’ve become an integral part of global business. Our success is very much a result of the fact that we don’t cower to any problem that might seem challenging; in fact, we pride ourselves on being able to accomplish what might seem improbable. Companies often believe that market expansion is difficult to the point of impossible. The reason for this lies upon the shoulders of the failed attempts from those companies who were just not prepared to expand, but Lemonsqueeze is here to prove those beliefs wrong!

No matter what the company is or how the company does business, as long as Lemonsqueeze believes the company has the potential to grow and succeed in the U.S., Lemonsqueeze is eager to take on the challenge. We’ve proven ourselves over and over again to the point of perfecting global market expansion down to a specific and precise science. After all, theories aren’t scientific fact until proven correct and Lemonsqueeze has plenty of examples to prove that we have perfected and embodied the science to global market expansion. In order to emphasize our devotion and pride in successfully implementing our “scientific method” on any category of company we see potential in, I present the extremely diverse Lemonsqueeze Laundry List of Leading Clients….

Planday – is a SaaS company that provides time clocking, scheduling, employee communication, and payroll tools through an innovative and extremely user-friendly software platform. The company’s target customer is small to large scale businesses that have numerous employees. Lemonsqueeze helped enter this company (originally based in Denmark) into the U.S. and continues to help manage it.

AIMS Innovation – is a Norwegian SaaS company that provides analytic software solutions for tracking patterns in integrated software communications. The main purpose for the software is to predict serious events that may cause system breakdowns and, therefore, enable a company to plan for and avoid those problems. The company’s focus is on medium to large size companies that utilize multiple forms of analytical software and have already invested in a middleware solution. Lemonsqueeze managed to enter and manage AIMS in the U.S. during their beginning stages, but AIMS Innovation has “flown the coop” and is now managed by it’s own team.

Vita Copenhagen – is a Danish lighting company that specializes in designer and artistically creative lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures are meant to exemplify a feeling of creativity while being made of high-quality materials, looking aesthetically beautiful, and being fully functional from the point of simple assembly. Lemonsqueeze does not manage Vita Copenhagen, but has successfully helped them enter into and scale in the U.S.

Zigna – is a real estate photography company that primarily focuses on in-depth photos at HD resolution along with 2D and 3D floor plans, 3D imaging, HDR slideshow videos, and virtual staging. The way Zigna provides it’s services is meant to create a major tidal wave in the way the real estate industry sees real estate photography. Zigna prides itself on being the best option for real estate photography because of it’s innovative and uniquely new way of providing professional real estate photo services. Lemonsqueeze entered Zigna into the U.S. real estate industry (originally based in Denmark) and is in the process of creating a scaleable business model for their market expansion ventures. The U.S. sector of Zigna is currently under Lemonsqueeze management.

Go Dream – is a unique gift card vendor that focuses on experiences as gifts. The experiences include anything from Car Racing to In-Home Chef experiences, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The company focuses on providing unique gift giving ideas for holidays and celebrations. Lemonsqueeze helped Go Dream create a foothold in the U.S. (originally from Denmark) by creating and executing an entrance plan. The U.S. sector of Go Dream is currently under Lemonsqueeze management.

GAN Integrity – is a Danish SAAS company that has created a software management system for compliance in order to reduce internal corruption and regulatory risk. GAN Integrity focuses on B2B sales and educating the business industry of the importance of compliance regulation. Lemonsqueeze has helped GAN Integrity enter and scale in the U.S. as well as recruit and onboard an extremely effective management team. The U.S. sector of GAN Integrity is no longer under Lemonsqueeze management.

Munin Sports – is a unique sporting goods company that is based on a single product; their signature soccer rebounder. The rebounder is a perfect training utility for a multitude of sports including, but not limited to, soccer and lacrosse. Munin Sports focuses on direct sales to customers as well as creating partnerships with sporting industry companies for sponsorship and advertising purposes. Lemonsqueeze has helped Munin Sports enter into the sports industry market in the U.S. from Denmark and has since done recruiting, onboarding, and management for the company’s U.S. sector.

Linkfire – is a Danish music marketing company that focuses on creating links that will drive potential customers directly to applications where they can listen to or buy music. Linkfire focuses on B2B sales and educating the importance of this service to the music industry. Lemonsqueeze has assisted them in their entrance and expansion into the U.S., but does not manage the U.S. sector of the company.

Joe & The Juice – is perhaps the most unorthodox client Lemonsqueeze has taken under it’s globally expanding wing. Joe & The Juice is a niche juice bar company that has a multitude of shops set up all across Europe. Their focus is providing a fun and energetic service through model juicers and an exuberant juice bar atmosphere. Lemonsqueeze has created an entrance, expansion, and recruitment plan (and concept) for the company, but does not assist in any of the management or marketing.

As you can see from the list above, Lemonsqueeze is open to any and all companies looking for a route to global market expansion. We’ve had plenty of experience across the business industry and have realized that we can use that experience to expedite the expansion process for any company with the right potential and ambition. Lemonsqueeze is always looking for the next big thing and the next challenge. It is the mysteriousness of potential clients, and clients that we have already taken aboard, that has driven us to the point of perfecting our process to a science. Lemonsqueeze is interested in learning and adapting. Without being able to learn something in the entry and managing process, we lose the ability to grow and expand ourselves. To quote Albert Einstein again, “the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” Mystery is what encourages curiosity and curiosity is the basis of all search for knowledge. Our search for knowledge has gotten us this far: just think about what we can do for you!


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