August 15, 2016 lemonsqueeze


We all love Slack, but we don’t all work in an office. Meet Sling: the Slack for non-desk employees.

“Sling is the perfect scheduling and communication tool for non-desk working industries, such as restaurants, retail stores, and hotels,” Sling’s CEO Helgi Hermannsson said of his one-year old startup. “It’s a comprehensive tool for employee communication,” he added.

The Icelandic startup developed as a reaction to a local need for an internal communication tool for employers who oversaw large groups of employees, who were never in one room at the same time. The software is ideal for shift-based companies. “It’s easy to control labor management on Sling through our four core features: shifts, tasks, newsfeed and messaging,” Helgi continued.

Although some of the Sling Team works out of their office in NYC, they still do much of their developing and design back home in Iceland, where they’re proud to have gotten their start.


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