July 26, 2016 lemonsqueeze

Business travel is too expensive; thankfully we’ve found Rocketrip. By rewarding employees for savings on their trips, Rocketrip allows companies to reduce travel costs.

“Employees get a custom trip budget, and if they come in under, they keep half the savings, while the other half goes back to their company,” Charlie Schaub, from Rocketrip’s Marketing team explained.

The New York City tech startup, which was founded in 2013 and has since grown to a forty-five person staff, thanks their birthplace for some of their success.  “New York City is a great place for companies to grow,” Charlie said of Rocketrip’s hometown.  With no plans of leaving the big apple, Rocketrip is preparing to launch some exciting new features such as data analytics, refinements to their budget algorithm, and findings on their current travel-based research.

Their SaaS platform analyzes business travel expenditures to help clients find opportunities for saving. “We give people a reason to be cost-conscious when traveling for business, just like they are when traveling on their own.” Charlie said of Rocketrip’s data-driven algorithm.  By booking Airbnbs instead of hotels, and red-eyes instead of mid-day flights, Rocketrip is motivating employees to spend less on trips: saving money for their employers, and making money for themselves.

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