Our Approach

  1. Entry Setup

    • Lemonsqueeze will manage and execute all legal, financial and administrative aspects of US entity setup through a network of experienced advisors and service providers.
    • You will have a single point of contact at Lemonsqueeze throughout the process, ensuring regular status updates and seamless communication.
    • The US Entry Setup requires minimal effort and time (approximately 3 hours) from the company.
    • After Entry Setup is completed, the US entity will be equipped with a local bank account, accounting & payroll systems, as well as required insurance coverages.
    • Lemonsqueeze will develop localized online presence to ensure visibility and exposure of the brand.
  2. Office Setup

    • A fully functional office will be ready on day one.
    • A local presence means you can start activating a new local network of customers and partners.
    • A month-to-month lease ensure flexibilty and scalability of your physical presence in New York.
    • Your company will have access to fast Internet, strong coffee, fully equipped meeting rooms and a healthy lunch catered daily.
  3. Recruitment

    • Using our deep local knowlede, Lemonsqueeze will recruit and hire a US team tailored to execute your US entry strategy
    • Lemonsqueeze will work with you to create localized candidate descriptions and manage all facets of the hiring process, from initial interviews through contract negotiations. You will be required only to approve the final vetted candidates.
  4. Onboarding

    • Lemonsqueeze will design a comprehensive onboarding program to fully immerse your company’s US team in all aspects of company culture, competitive landscape, sales approach and goals.
    • The program will transfer your company’s “DNA” to the new US team and ensure they are equipped to begin executing at a high level immediately.
  5. Management – Driving Towards Results

    • Lemonsqueeze follows a focused, data-driven management process designed to ensure constant progress towards goals.
    • Your company will receive consistent progress reports including quantitative KPI analysis and qualitative insight.
    • Lemonsqueeze will closely monitor sales team performance and work to amend strategic approach as required.
    • Lemonsqueeze will fully represent your company’s management in New York, ensuring performance of the local team without requiring constant supervision from abroad.
  6. Extra Traction Drivers

    • Lemonsqueeze is a turnkey platform and can if needed activate proven local PR resources, digital marketing programs and US based event management as required.
    • Events to announce your company’s prsence and to increase local visbility
    • Execute paid and organic digital marketing strategies to attract more visitors, build the brand and ultimately generate more traction.