Neon Solutions

Neon Solutions
August 15, 2016 lemonsqueeze

Neon Solutions

We all create content, but how do we know if the right customers are seeing it? Enter Neon Solutions.  

“Neon is all about making direct communications from a company to its customers relevant and personal,” Neon’s CEO Mark Nijhof said. Both Mark and Neon’s CTO Øyvind Fanebust come from the insurance industry, where they noticed a need for simplified customer communication. It wasn’t until the two friends met Are Stegane, Neon’s CMO, that the startup truly launched in early 2016.

Ultimately, Neon’s software enables enterprises to use customer data to better communicate relevant information to individual customers. “The end goal, of course, is to improve customer retention and sales,” Mark explained.

The Norwegian startup thanks the local incubator, Nyskapingsparken, for much of their early-on productivity. “Norway has a lot of good things for startups,” Mark said, specifically noting the increase in government grants towards entrepreneurship.

After getting their first round of clients, Neon is ready for the next stage in their development. With a major release launching sometime soon, Neon is looking to add to their team, change their name, and ultimately launch into a full-fledged SaaS company.


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