September 7, 2016 lemonsqueeze


It’s time to protect what we love most: our emails.

“It is getting more and more difficult for people to have their internet privacy respected,” Mailfence’s Co-Founder, Patrick De Schutter said of cyber security trends.  Enter Mailfence, a startup that was launched in November of 2014, to help individuals secure their emails.

Mailfence grew out of ContactOffice, one of the European SaaS pioniers that developed a messaging and collaboration tool for universities and larger organizations.  After its success, ContactOffice developed Mailfence as their newest initiative to offer a highly secure email and messaging solution, but for individuals.

Mailfence’s unique technology has one major goal: “to achieve absolute email privacy in a world where people are being constantly surveilled,” Patrick explained. Mailfence was launched in Brussels, which according to Patrick, is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe.  “It is an extremely international city, people are coming from all over Europe and all over the world to live and work here in Brussels,” he added.  With users all over the world, Mailfence prides itself on being from one of Europe’s most international startups.


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