August 30, 2016 lemonsqueeze

“The internet happened, piracy happened. That sucked the life out of the music industry,” CCO Jeppe Faurfelt of Linkfire said.  Enter Linkfire- the platform aiming to give life back to the music industry. 

Linkfire is a platform that streamlines over 500 music services into one, simplifying the lives of record labels, music distributers and artists across the globe. “We made this platform because of a growing problem in the music industry where everything was becoming more and more digital,” Jeppe said. From vinyl, to CDs, to online streaming, the music industry has moved farther and farther away from its consumer- a problem that Linkfire is aiming to solve.

“It is up to the consumer to determine where they want to purchase their music,” Jeppe continued. Whether it’s on Spotify or iTunes, Linkfire is able to track how consumers listen to their music- which platforms they use, if they listen to specific artists on specific platforms, and so on. They then translate this data in an insightful way to record labels, music distributors and artists themselves: moving the music industry closer to its consumers. “We believe the music industry needs to stop dictating where people listen to music, because it no longer works. One size fits all is an art of the past,” Jeppe said.

While at Lemonsqueeze Space, their success has continued. “It feels like home,” Jeppe said of the office. “If you have a dream of setting up shop in the U.S. in a space that feels like New York City, and home, then Lemonsqueeze Space is perfect for that.” The love for Lemonsqueeze Space doesn’t stop there. “You’re sitting in the heart of Brooklyn,” Jeppe said, shouting out the new Whole Foods on one side of the office, with the ferry into Manhattan on the other.


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