July 26, 2016 lemonsqueeze

Ever wish there was a Medium/Quora/LinkedIn for the workplace? Well, we’ve found it. Meet Honey: the centralized content platform for all things work related.

“As soon as a team starts to grow, natural communication begins to breakdown,” Alison Morris, Co-Founder of Honey explained. This is where Honey comes in. Honey allows teams across a large company to share resources, events and announcements.

Honey is a useful tool for companies of all shapes and sizes, including clients such as Prezi, Lowes and Sesame Street. From startups to fortune 500 companies, Honey users can expect upwards of 75% engagement ratings. Its content-based platform, that allows users to follow interesting threads of content, as opposed to people, is to thank for their success.

Another key to Honey’s success is their fifth avenue address. Sitting in New York City’s enterprise incubator, Workbench, Honey has found comfort and solace within the NYC community. “New York City is critical to who we are. We have found that the community here, specifically for female founders, has been so supportive of us and our growth,” Alison said.

Favorite places in NYC: Boho for karaoke

Best cup of coffee: Think Coffee

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