August 15, 2016 lemonsqueeze


“At Famly we are on a journey to build the world’s best operating platform for daycares, nurseries and preschools,” Famly CEO and Founder, Anders Laustsen said. The digital platform handles all operational tasks, including planning, invoicing, and occupancy of a given program. Similarly, their product facilitates child attendance, parent communication and staff management.

According to Anders, Famly also focuses on improving communication between the nurseries and the parents. “Famly is developed in close cooperation with a wide range of nurseries and daycares during the last couple of years,” Anders explained, noting how Famly has already established legitimacy in the UK, Germany, the US, Switzerland, and of course, their native land- Denmark.

“Denmark is a great place to start, and we have seen it as a perfect testing ground,” Anders said.   Why might this be? According to Anders, Denmark is digitally ahead of the game, which has allowed his startup to share their cutting edge software with the rest of the world.

What’s next for Famly? A lot. “We are expanding heavily,” Anders noted. With an onset of additional team members, and plans to expand their outreach to more nurseries and ultimately more parents, Famly is ready for their next steps.


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