July 26, 2016 lemonsqueeze

Company culture is important.   Let CultureIQ determine yours- and tell you why it matters.

“We have three main pillars: software, strategy and community,” Jamie Nichol of CultureIQ explained as the backbone of CultureIQ. Their software, which she defined as somewhat of a virtual toolbox, collects feedback from employees, turns the findings into actionable metrics, and communicates insights to stakeholders. The purpose of this is to then strategize with the company to establish focus, internal alignment, and a plan to turn the insights into action. This leads to the last component: community.  The goal of their community, as defined by Jamie, is to move the conversation forward when it comes to company culture.

Their platform, which is already being used by megahouses such as Mailchimp and General Assembly, is based in New York City.  “We started in New York City because it allowed for this awesome diversity.  There are connections taking place at every corner, and we’re trying to facilitate that,” she explained.

Whether it’s for their clients here in NYC, or for a handful of their clients around the globe, CultureIQ offers a unique platform that can be used to strengthen any company.  “We strongly believe positive culture can happen in any type of company,” Jamie said of CultureIQ’s mission.  “It’s really inspiring to see these companies bring their ideas to life, while prioritizing company culture,” she continued.

Favorite places in NYC: Breather and Interface

Upcoming News: Co-Hosting Top Company Cultures Contest with Entrepreneur

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