Common Good

Common Good
August 30, 2016 lemonsqueeze

“There is a community here in Brooklyn of small companies that have a eco-sustainable messages as part of their story,” Marketing and Social Media Manager, Isabelle said of Common Good’s birthplace. 

Common Good creates refillable containers for cleaning products, while maintaining transparency in every aspect of their eco-friendly driven work. Our CEO Sacha saw a need for refillable cleaners,Customer Service and Communications Manager, Genevieve said of Common Good’s founding. The fully female run company prides itself on being a Brooklyn based, environmentally friendly solution to minimizing plastic use.

“To reduce plastic use, in a metropolis like New York City, allows for the dream refill scenario, Genevieve said. “There is a very engaged Brooklyn based costumer who wants to go that extra step with us, down the route of sustainability,” she continued. Before moving into Lemonsqueeze Space, Common Good found its home down the street in Williamsburg. While in Lemonsqueeze Space, Common Good has gotten its products throughout the neighborhood, in places such as Five Leaves, Sweet Water, Café Collette, as well as the newly developed Whole Foods down the street.

“Williamsburg is a great location for us, it’s in the center of everything, Operations Manager Tara said of Lemonsqueeze Space. Her colleagues agreed, “It’s nice to be surrounded by friends,” Genevieve added.


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