Oddur Sturluson

Oddur Sturluson

Iceland Partner

Oddur Sturluson has been part of the startup community since he started his first company at 23.

With a keen interest in what makes the human mind so powerful and how it can be improved, this digital native is especially interested in new technologies which ease or advance the state of human thought and social change.

Driven by an intense desire to help make the Nordics an even better place for startups to grow up and make trouble, he joined Icelandic Startups in 2015 after finishing a BA. in Anthropology and a MSc. in Strategic Management.

During his time as a Project Manager at Icelandic Startups, he’s headed up a number of projects such as Startup Tourism, Startup Energy Reykjavik and Investors on the Rocks. When he’s not working, you’ll find him in the kitchen or roaming the Icelandic mountains.