September 7, 2016 lemonsqueeze


Looking for someone to take on the burden of your administrative work? Look no further than Teamleader! Especially if you’re a startup… they’re offering their services for free for the first six months!

“Teamleader combines CRM, invoicing, and project management into one,” Benny Waelput, Teamleader’s Copywriter, explained. This single tool combines all of your company’s needs in a unique way, for an affordable price.

The four-year-old startup was founded by three high school friends, Jeroen De Wit, Mathias De Loore, Willem Delbare. “They found a hole in the market and filled it with Teamleader,” Benny said.   By combining all of your needs into one service, users are able to focus on what really matters: their company. “SME’s need to focus on what they do best. We help alleviate their administrative work so they can focus solely on their business,” he added.

Teamleader is a product of what Benny called Belgium’s entrepreneurial mind. “Belgium is a good place to start a company,” Benny explained, highlighting government programs, subsidies, as well as educational programs. Although Teamleader loves it’s Belgian routes, it’s already started expanding throughout the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and France. They’re hoping to continue expanding- so watch out, your city could be next!


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