10 Hottest Saas Startups: Netherlands and Belgium

10 Hottest Saas Startups: Netherlands and Belgium
September 7, 2016 lemonsqueeze

When deciding which country should be next we thought we’d focus on the Netherlands, but we soon realized we couldn’t leave Belgium out!

The Netherlands and Belgium are neighbors, but they share more than a border.  They both have incredible entrepreneurial energies that produce thousands of startups each year.

Whether they’re part of Holland’s many incubator and accelerator programs, such as Founded in Holland or Holland Startup, or residents of Belgium’s coworking spaces such as Beta Cowork or Factory Forty, startups from the Nether regions don’t fail to succeed.  Meet some of our favorites below!

neth0001 Go Weekly 

Have a great idea? Test it out with Go Weekly before fully committing.

Go Weekly is a strategic partner for innovation. Their platform translates trends into digital prototypes by analyzing competition, maximizing focus, setting strategic goals, and ultimately- creating a virtual prototype.

neth0001 Bynder 

Content is everywhere. Thank goodness we have Bynder to keep all of it organized!

Bynder’s software collects all of your branded content into one easy-to-use portal. Users are able to create, find and use all of their content efficiently through three main pillars: digital asset management, creative project management, and branding identity guidelines.

belgium-flag Teamleader

Looking for someone to take on the burden of your administrative work? Look no further than Teamleader! Especially if you’re a startup… they’re offering their services for free for the first six months!

“Teamleader combines CRM, invoicing, and project management into one,” Benny Waelput, Teamleader’s Copywriter, explained. This single tool combines all of your company’s needs in a unique way, for an affordable price.

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neth0001 Recruitee 

Recruitee just made the HR process fun and sexy. Don’t believe us? Read below!

Recruitee is a recruiting platform that allows users to manage the hiring process in an easier way than ever before. By creating unique and beautiful career pages for individual job opportunities, Recruitee finds the perfect candidate for your job posting.

neth0001 Lead Social

Never popular in highschool? Make sure you’re the most popular startup out there and get Lead Social!

Lead Social provides reporting for social media agencies by creating customized reports and KPI’s for clients. Users are able to analyze all of their social media accounts in one place. The software creates page comparisons, charts and performance analyses, of different social media accounts and individual posts.

belgium-flag Mailfence

It’s time to protect what we love most: our emails.

“It is getting more and more difficult for people to have their internet privacy respected,” Mailfence’s Co-Founder, Patrick De Schutter said of cyber security trends. Enter Mailfence, a startup that was launched within the last few years to help individuals secure their emails.

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neth0001 Casengo 

Customer communication just got a whole lot simpler thanks to Casengo.

Casengo is a customer service software that helps users support their customers through this unique communication platform. By consolidating all communication into one shared team inbox, Casengo has simplified- and organized, all necessary customer communication.

neth0001 Smart.pr 

All startups need PR, therefore all startups need Smart.pr!

Smart.pr is a software that allows users to quickly create press releases. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Not only can users import all of their media contacts, and manage them all in one place, they also have access to Smart.pr’s database of contacts throughout the Netherlands.

neth0001 Getly

Love to party but don’t know where to go? Getly can help.

Gently is a platform that matches users with nearby events based on the users interests. Their unique algorithm is able to generate the users preferences based on previous social engagements, preferred locations and general interests. Users aren’t simply event goers, but even throwers as well! Event organizers are able to promote their events directly to the right customers.

belgium-flag WooRank 

Ever wish there was an impartial vote on ranking your website? Now there is!

WooRank is the ultimately website analyzer. From SEO to digital marketing, WooRank reviews thousands of websites a days. After calculating a score for your website’s performance, WooRank is then able to position your website against that of your competitor.


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